Thursday, October 4, 2012

UPP and Ausgroup Likely to Fly on 5 Oct 2012

   Dow         13,557.58            +62.97   +0.47 %
   Nasdaq     3,135.57             +0.34      +0.01 %
   S&P500   1,457.72              +6.73     +0.46 %

During the time of this post on the Thursday night on 4 Oct 12 at 11.46 pm, Singapore time, Dow is showing great strenght in the green region. Amid Europ Crisis, the market seemed to have persisted and enjoyed growth thus far in the Wall Streets.

My Humble Views

The next day which will be a Friday, commonly known as "Profit-taking" day will see not too much of action in the Singapore market, STI. However, there are two stocks that I have been observing. UPP and Ausgroup. After THBEV lost its volume, it is largely believe that the focus had been directed to Ausgroup. Hot money is definitely going in here. I have absolutely no idea here, but based on my experience in the market, something must be brewing in there. It is likely to be good news. I am looking at profit-taking at the 0.595 region because it could just gap up to open at 0.575 and zoom past 0.58 its recent resistance level on 5 Oct 12. 

For UPP, it is co-related to Yoma and Interres. They move, UPP moves. However, UPP has been moving upwards more than how Yoma and Inter-Res moves lately. It is likely to trend upwards as it has been in the consolidation phase for quite sometime already. UPP should be opening at 0.440 on 5 Oct 12.

The above are my personal views and they are never an inducement to trade.

Caveat Emptor

Saturday, September 29, 2012

How Payment Processors Help Online Business?

As you know, especially in Singapore, many young kids are starting to have their web businesses. They are usually businesses selling products like clothes, shoes and even cameras. This poses as a threat to real businesses of a more professional levels. You have a company and have a better products. But what loses out in such instance, is the way how the website looks. Human Interface is very important. It has to be simple, yet professional.

After the web design part is fixed up, what are the other considerations that can put your online store in place? Well, I would opine that payment processor is the key in such business. This is because more often than not, Internet Businesses opened by this kids get their products overseas through buying from another blogs or sites. They have very high chance of breaching their agreement with their clients. This make many people stay away from buying from the Internet. Your site got to have a secure payment method so that your customers can trust you.

How Do We Incorporate Payment Processors to allow credit card acceptance?

I am quite sure not many people is aware of this. But then again, you need not be a computer whiz to have one. All you need to do is to engage the Companies that provides online merchant services.

These providers not only allows your business to gain credit card acceptance, it also allows you to have the data real time 24/7. They are updating whenever transactions took place.

Lastly, we have to consider the cost of having this processor. It does not make sense if you are earning $10 per month and the fees charged is the same. I am just stating an example. I would suggest that, the business owners must be prudent. In order to choose the best services that comes with the lowest rates, you can actually read reviews on the Internet to find out how much does such services charged for their merchant account fees.

How to solve the soft sound playback of MP4 files?

I strongly believe that there are many people out there who faces the same problem. MP4 movie files are able to be played using your average movie players like RealPlayer or Window Media Player and you would probably realized that the audio playback were very low in volume. MP4 are usually converted movie files from DVD. Most of the time, MP4 files are downloaded from the Internet or even iTune.

I tried to plug in the laptop for the playing of the files to even a Philip Sound Bar with extreme high bass and volume outcome, but the outcome is still not encouraging. The music within the MP4 files were lound, but the conversation were extremely soft. I even had to hold on to my remote control during the movie to adjust the sound accordingly.

After the failure with speaker, I tried to search on the Internet search engines and found many people asking the same questions over and over again on major forums. There were some solutions being shared on the Internet. One of the solutions involved the user to instal a codec (Similar to AC3 Filter) and it required the user to do some setting. That sounds a little complicated for me.

Read Full Report for the Solution

Friday, June 15, 2012

The Importance of Credit Score

Many people do not know or even underestimate being a person with bad credit scoring. People may not understand the importance of it until its time to take some form of loan. The most relevant and necessary loan to take is probably mortgage loan. Everyone needs a house to stay in and when you have bad credit scoring, you are less likely to secure a loan. Same goes when you are taking a car loan for buying a car.

That is why Credit Repair is essential for people whom often fell behind credit cards or unsecured loan payments. People could not get loan and some even went for financial institutions with high interest rates. These are the type of loans that welcomes bad credit individuals, but will make it even worst for them, financially speaking.

It is imperative for individuals with bankruptcy or bad credit records to repair their credit. It only generally takes about 3 years to do so. But you need to seek expert advices on how to effectively repairing it. In another words, you need to find The Best Credit Repair Service to help you with that.

There are actually many comprehensive directory website that helps you to find the Credit Repair provider that suits your needs. The sites are mostly informative and tells you what to expect when you engage a certain firm that provides you with the service.

Why wait? Repair your Credit now to get loans with reasonable interest rates.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Singapore Market In June 2012

The market has been behaving somewhat cynically for the past months. Beginning of this year 2012, there was a relentless rally. Many people had this notion that they are different and very accurate in choosing which stocks to invest in. This is especially so for the day-trader, the contra trader. The problem is that, you close your eyes and pick any stocks in the top volume, you would probably make a lot of money. 

However, in Mar 12, the same investor would probably lost all his or her profit from the earlier rally, chances are, the losses are usually more than what the had made. In Singapore Stock Market, you would probably notice or see multi-bagger like IEV, Yoma, Sin Heng and UPP. These are the stocks that could made you rich, for awhile that is. 

If you are a careful person who can read trend, you will beginning to understand that STI does not really follows the closing of DJIA (Dow Jones Industrial Average). Instead, it follows more on Dow Jones's Futures and 11 am, the HSI (Hong Kong - Hang Sheng Index). 

STX OSV is being seen as a take-over target. But this news was never officially made. Just lingering rumor that sparks the interest for day-trader. This is a very good money-making day trade stock if you are able to time it well.

STX OSV on 13 Jun 12 seen its high at 1.475 but ended at 1.45 due to the declined in the Futures of DJIA.

I personally feel that STX OSV has bounced from its double bottom (Head and Shoulder) with reference to the previous low of 1.3 region. It is vastly oversold. The selling at the end suggest that there are a large number of uncovered shorts in this stocks. If DJI do not fall or rise too much, end mixed, STX OSV should probably touch 1.5 region by 14 Jun 12. 

The above are personal opinion and this is never an inducement to trade. 

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Why Use Payday Affiliate Network Program For Your Website?

I am going to tell you why is it better to choose a payday international affiliate network over the other network selling stuffs like medicines and what have you. 

The reason is simply because there are not many people out there on the Internet looking for things to buy when they are searching information. You may get lucky and managed to seal one or two and profit from the sales by getting your cut of the commissions. But is it viable? It is certainly not. 

Most often than not, apart from dating services affiliate, the most lucrative affiliate program would be those that offers payday loans. Why is that so? Just look at the economy, it is crashing everyday. During the week when this post is made, Dow Jones Industrial Average Index ended its week deep in the reds and it is now nearing the Nov 11 level. The market rally beginning in Jan 12 till Apr 12 is completely wiped out. 

Economy as volatile as this is no coincidence. Unemployment rates are rising everywhere in the world. Development countries have trouble having positive GDP and Europe is in deep trouble, both financially and politically. 

People get attracted to advertisements that provide loans and especially those top affiliate networks. People needs money and that is an international fact. Some network would pays you based on clicks and some pays you based on the number of sign-ups made. There are some network pays you for both a stipulated rates. Search around and I am sure they are not difficult to find.

There is actually no harm sparing one or two notable space for such advertisement banners or so. Just try placing some payday affiliate network ads and see the result for yourself now. 

Friday, December 2, 2011

The need for debt, Using Credit Cards

At this time and age, many working individuals are highly addicted to debts. Spending monies that have not even been made. The released of loans by these credit card companies or banks considering your earning power as the basic form of intangible collatoral to release the credit to their customers.

Choosing the right credit card provider can be difficult and sometimes frustrating. How to choose the one that suits you amongst the wide spectrum of cards and providers? 

Understanding spending habits and the interest rate charged on your credit spending is one major consideration when making a choice which card to apply. Many people thought that credit cards are generally using the same terms of services and that is where most people are wrong. A notion that not many people know about. 

It is prudent not to get too many credit cards as people who are have less self-control will end up with a spiral of debts. 

Learning how to save more with balance transfer with credit cards by reading more credit card reviews or credit card ratings websites can be very important as you go along. Immensely submerged in debts can be really stressful. As far as possible, based on my own personal experience with Citibank credit cards, two credit cards is the maximum because the credit limit are usually set at 2 to 3 times the person's monthly salary. If three and more, paying interest can be already, a problem.